Back Yard Man Cave

My goal in selling this property is focused more on finding the “right” buyer who is ultimately interested in what this house has to offer then simply selling my house.

I have put too much heart, soul and effort to simply just sell it for the sake of selling it. Please do not call or contact me if you simply are looking for me to list my house with you.

I have decided to focus on FSBO, and will thus not need or want any services from any agents or brokers. I am certainly not at all going to work with any investment companies as this house is to unique to simply sell it for pennies on the dollar. So, don’t bother even calling.

Sadly, I have already been overwhelmed by the number of agents (NOT HOME-BUYERS) who are searching (there are better words but I will be nice) Zillow for new listings so that they can reach out and hope for a new listing by offering the best possible deals and fictitious promises. That will not happen here, so save us both the time.

But to be equally fair to all agents, if you do like what you see or read, and actually HAVE a good match for the property, then I certainly look forward to hearing from you and scheduling a tour for both of you.