This is a “Niche” home and I am hoping that the many unique features of this property will attract the right person. It is with this in mind that I feel that “For Sale by Owner” is the best way to show and provide you all the information you would need.

I am listing the property at $375,000 on Zillow. As per Zillow, this price is above the estimated price for homes in this area. However, none of those other homes have all the added features and amenities that are in this house. The How. If you take a tour you will quickly learn and agree why this is a true bargain. It also helps in keeping away all the agents looking to swoop in and undersell.

If you are the home-buyer, and looking to purchase without an agent, then I am certainly willing to negotiate the price or provide you Credits.

I am also willing to discuss OWC options. A great way get moved in. If interested, please use the contact form and provide me your information and/or schedule a tour.

So, if you are an Agent, and would like to show this home to an interested buyer, please visit the Agent page for further information.

Additionally, in that there are so many unique features to the home, that discussing what stays, what goes and what is optional is mentioned on many of the individual feature’s site page.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, you can use the contact page and send me a message or contact the realtor that is working with you. If you would like see the house, then by all means, schedule a tour, “the early bird catches the worm”.

I look forward to meeting with those interested and certainly hope for an offer I can’t refuse.