As an IT specialist, I have done my due diligence here. Prior to the usefulness and reliability of WiFi and smart appliances, I wired (Ethernet Cable) the house to prime locations like the living room and master bedroom to provide internet throughout the house.

As the hub of all electronics and technology comes in the house via the office (Bedroom) I needed to get service throughout. As WiFi grew and improved to a workable solution, I added a wired cable to the living room ceiling to add an access-point to improve the WiFi coverage through-out the house and outdoors.

In the years past, I have had both Satellite Providers and the house is thus ready and wired, should you want to re-install. All of the cabling terminates in the living room. I have also wired the living room for rear surround speakers.

The Patio TV is also cabled so what-ever provider or service you use, you can easily connect the Patio TV.

Although, most of the network appliances will be going with me, I would like to explain the systems that are in place so that the new owners can also make the best of what is in place. Especially that of the home automation components. This would one of those items that I can leave in place and operation and or remove.