Cooling & Heating

The home is 1,622 sq-ft and is cooled by a central 3.5ton AC unit (Split). The unit is in good working condition and the compressor was replaced about 6 years back. Heating is by a inline gas furnace. Both the gas furnace and AC coils are ceiling mounted in the garage for easy access (pictured… Continue reading Cooling & Heating

The Simple Math

Is this property really worth what I am asking? Maybe this will help and you can certainly do your own looking up or ‘Googling” A back yard kitchen is said to add a 10% value to a property. Solar is said to be worth 4-5%. I will use 5% as the solar system provides 100%… Continue reading The Simple Math

Dining Area

The dining area is roughly 10×11. The coffee bar is located in the angled corner. And provide access to the patio. The cat door is located in the lower corner. See images below.


One Two Three To the best of my knowledge, the neighborhood (community) has not been one of high vandalism, theft or burglary. Sadly, I am sure it happens almost anywhere, however, it is not the reason we felt the need for a surveillance system. I installed it because at one point, years back one of… Continue reading Surveillance

Network – WiFi

As an IT specialist, I have done my due diligence here. Prior to the usefulness and reliability of WiFi and smart appliances, I wired (Ethernet Cable) the house to prime locations like the living room and master bedroom to provide internet throughout the house. As the hub of all electronics and technology comes in the… Continue reading Network – WiFi

Generator Backup

The first summer we lived here, there were three power outages which left me wondering if this was going to be a ‘normal’ thing during the hot summer months. So, I went to work and added a generator back-up system to the electrical system. I added a dedicated circuit with breaker and a pigtail connection… Continue reading Generator Backup

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is 16×13, with vaulted ceiling. There is a hanging lighted ceiling fan. I have incorporated automated smart switches in the bedroom, which basically makes it a 3-way switch. Now you can turn on the light when entering the bedroom and turn it off from the remote switches that can literally be placed… Continue reading Master Bedroom

Master Bath

Added Power 2-Way Lights Low Level Light Additional Drawers Lock-Box The master bathroom is 10×9 and has a 4×7 walk-in closet. There is both a tub and walk-in shower. I recently replaced the mixing valve in the shower so it should be good to go. See the Floor Plan for more info. On the electrical… Continue reading Master Bath

RO System

Bar Water Chiller Coffee Bar I have a 5 stage RO (reverse osmosis) water system with a 5 gallon bladder in operation. It provides RO water for the bar water chiller, the coffee bar and the refrigerator chiller and ice machine. The RO unit is installed in the Washer/Dryer closet for easy access. There are… Continue reading RO System

Home Automation

Home automation is a big thing these day as it now provides more than just monitoring and security. The introduction of Amazon Alexa and Google Home has brought home automation to a new level. Now, the process and automating lights, switches and appliances has become even easier and more affordable. Many of the important lights… Continue reading Home Automation