The patio is just that, a covered patio. It is my man-cave as there are two comfy swivel chairs, a TV and great audio. There are additional pair of speakers in the kitchen for greater coverage. For the colder evenings, I have my propane heater. I have hung small LED lights for a nice twilight effect. The patio light is part of the home-automation system so they can be controlled remotely. So great for when you are away and want to look like someones home. Or even better when your hands are full and you don’t have a extra hand to turn on the light.

I have also plumbed the patio area with misting lines to keep it a little cooler during the hot times of the year. It is capable of both standard and high pressure systems.

Another very nice feature is the sliding glass door air curtain. This greatly reduces the number of flies and bugs that can get in when the door is open. The air curtain turns on when the slider is open. It is switch controlled so you can disable it when not needed. In the summer it also adds a barrier to keep the air conditioned are in when going out.

This is also where the Cat Door is that provides In/Out access to the cat(s) or small dog. It can be closed from the inside to prevent any access. Although we are hoping that the new owners will want to keep this feature, if not, it can be removed.