These were two fun projects, or as I called them, back yard enhancements. The smoker is 30x28x32. Below it is the fire box. It can be used as is, but utilizing a temp controller that uses a fan is ideal. The smoker can also be used a an oven for those big parties.

Beside the smoker is my 34″ pizza oven. It is a unique design as the below the oven is a fire box. This accomplishes two things, it quickly heats the floor of the oven and provides lots of smoke. Then once you have the bottom hot, you can start a fire inside the oven to finish off the pizza. I added a propane touch to the inside to help as one would go through a lot of wood and time to make single pizza. I will be happy to leave these two smokers as part of the deal if requested.

These are also favorite spots for the cats to hang out and watch what is going on.