The backyard is home to many amenities and a has been host to many events. We start off with a kitchen. Then there is a large 5′ fire-pit with a moveable grill. There is a large flagstone waterfall. I’ve added a large wood fired smoker and pizza oven. The patio is equipped with sound and audio. There is an enclosed shed and plenty of power to cook and work.

The round table is a hand-laid mosaic tile table featuring a fire pit in the center. In the far left corner is the wood fired smoker and pizza oven. Hidden behind the umbrella is the large fire-pit.

The back yard is now a safe cat enclosure that may not look appealing, but by allowing my cats to go outside, yet not leave the property makes up for the looks.

The architects of this plot failed again when it came to watershed. When it rained, the back yard flooded. To fix this issue I have created underground drain lines and added two sump pumps to push the water out. I then created a river path alongside the house to get the water to the street.