After realizing that I had a potential problem of Jack getting outside, I went straight to work, R&D’ing a means of securing the back yard. I was welding brackets of all kinds and testing different methods. None of which would have been easy, would be very noticeable and would require a large investment – steel isn’t cheep. Which I was ready to do, but was hoping for a better mousetrap. I was out and about and noticed some metal mesh being used and realized that would be the answer.
It would be easy(ier) to install. Didn’t require any welding. And was far less visible than metal tubing. So, I went to work.
In that cats can jump and climb the task became more challenging as I had to think like a cat and discover all the ways out.

So, at the expense of seeing the mesh around the back yard, I can keep my cats in. I am leaving the mesh in place as I see it more as ‘plus’ than a ‘minus’, especially for someone looking to keep their cats safe.
I will be happy to remove the enclosure/mesh if requested. Certainly save me from buying more at my future destination.