Wish I could show a picture of the garage but it is quite full. It is a 2 car garage, 19×20. I recently upgraded the garage door opener to a Genie quite belt drive. It is wifi enabled and works great. The unit is also provisioned with a battery back-up.
What makes this garage unique is that both the garage door and light ‘status’ can be seen from inside the house. No more leaving the garage door open or the lights on overnight. The top orange button shows that the lights are on, and the bottom green light shows the garage is open. There is also a push-button, under the green light, that can open/close the garage door (from inside).
Also shown is the enclosed cat feeding area. Check out the Automated Cat Feeder page for more info. The garage also is wired for 220V.

The gas furnace and AC air handler are installed in the ceiling of the garage. This makes them easily accessible for maintenance and cleaning. I have also installed a 2-zone temperature display so that one can easily monitor the AC cooling.