I repurposed the street facing bedroom into an office and soon found the cats hanging with me throughout the day. Sleeping on my desks and work counters and constantly walking across the keyboard and in front of the monitors. To solve the problem, I went to work and built them a cat playroom.

They now have a cat-sill which is their private window sill that lets them keep an eye on whats going outside. They have a birds eye view of the hummingbird feeder. From there they can jump to the corner loft, down to the desktop or across the bridge to the floor-to-ceiling cat tree. From the corner loft they can jump atop the wall bookcase and down the slanted bridge and back to the other bridge. There are numerous cat toys on long strings for them to play with. I have a ‘cat sized’ toilet bowl for them to drink from, and their cat door to the feeding enclosure is also in the office.

So this is where they hang out and keep me company. Although I will be moving the office out, the cat apparatus can be left and enjoyed by the next feline occupants.