As an office, it has the normal office items; desks, lamps, computers and printers. But this is not a normal office by any means. It is the control center for the house.

As it is street facing, one gets to watch the outside activity while working. See who comes and goes. I have a single hummingbird feeder and it is non-stop all day.

It is also home to the cat play room with access to the feeding enclosure.

I have added a window air conditioner (to the garage) to help cool the office during the hotter times. This can be left or removed.

The office is the hub to the internet, LAN, TV, wifi and security system. As an IT person, this house is wired and ready to go. This can all be left in place and ready to use – it will require a little training to understand what all is here and how to use it.

There is a canopy on the office window which greatly helps keeps the window shaded and thus cooler. Also provides shade for the cat sill and hummingbird feeder.

The office lights are part of the home automation and can thus be controlled or scheduled remotely. I also have them integrated with Alexa so I can ask “Alexa” to turn on/off my office lights.