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  • Garage Door
  • Security – Cameras / Motion

Home automation is a big thing these day as it now provides more than just monitoring and security. The introduction of Amazon Alexa and Google Home has brought home automation to a new level. Now, the process and automating lights, switches and appliances has become even easier and more affordable.

Many of the important lights and devices around the house are now automated. Yes, for security reasons it is great when you are away and it can provide you an ‘at home’ look. However, it goes to a whole new level when with a simple command you can control many devices. For example, at night I simply say “time for bed” and it turns off all lights, turns on the ceiling fan and bed light in the bedroom and starts the music. When I get up in the morning I simply say “time to get up” and the bedroom fan go off, the lights in the bedroom, kitchen and office go on. At sunset it closes my garage door and locks my car. I can turn the waterfall on or off without having to move or touch anything. I can have my garage door open even before I open the door to the garage where I would normally have to push a button.

Now, you might think this is for the lazy until you see it. And once you see it and realize the potential you quickly adapt. No more walking across a room just to turn a light for device on or off. No more wondering if you left a light on or your door open. Now, if you add a few sensors, motion detectors and cameras you have a security system that is tailored to your home and needs. Well, it’s already here and ready to go.

I have designed and built the home automation system so that it can stay and can easily be moved over to the new owner. It will just take some familiarizing and instruction. Such that you can make the best of what is already in place and have an idea of how you can add to it down the line. Again, this is why an agent could never properly sell this house. Well, they could but you would probably be left with a technical mess and have no idea how to use it or make it work for you.